Major Planetary Aspects March 2013

New Moon Report by lovely Jeff Jawer of StarIQ:

Mercury Direct
Sunday, March 17, 1:00 pm PDT, 4:00 pm EDT

Verbal Mercury’s shift into forward gear gets the flow of information moving again. Conversations that were put on hold get back on track in the days and week ahead. In spite of the communication planet’s continuing presence in diffusive Pisces, ideas that drifted off into the ethers will start to coalesce and come back down to Earth.

Sun in Aries
Wednesday, March 20, 4:02 am PDT, 7:02 am EDT

The solar ingress into Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year. This is the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumnal Equinox below the equator when day and night are equal in length around the globe. Aries is a sign of individuality when we connect to an inner fire that doesn’t require external support or approval. Invention and independence are its gifts while a lack of objectivity is often their price. Still, it’s better to boldly go where you have never gone before as the breakthroughs made on a personal level can clear paths for accelerated growth and change. The Sun’s conjunctions with Venus and Uranus spur innovation but reduce cooperation on March 28 while a solar square with Pluto on the 31st is a perfect time to clean up clutter and complete unfinished business.

Venus in Aries
Thursday, March 21, 8:16 pm PDT, 11:16 pm EDT

Romance and relationships heat up with Venus’ entry into incendiary Aries. We want love, approval and pleasure immediately in this impatient sign, which can provoke some risky behavior. Yet a fresh appearance and spunkier attitude can lead to exciting personal and professional discoveries. Connections are complicated with Venus’ conjunction to crazy Uranus on March 28 and intense square with manipulative Pluto on the 31st. Flexibility helps to reduce friction.

Full Moon in Libra
Wednesday, March 27, 2:27 am PST, 5:27 am EST

Normally, the accommodating Libra Moon cools down the fire of theopposing Aries Sun or, at least, balances the Ram’s independent ways with an equal desire for peace and harmony. However, this lunation is overheated with solar conjunctions to Mars and Uranus and Pluto’s squeezing squares to both the Sun and Moon. This is a volatile time that can shock us with surprises or enlighten us with sudden insights. Fortunately, generous Jupiter in Gemini may reduce the tension between forging ahead alone and hanging back to please others. As we encounter new and different feelings and experiences, the capacity to quickly adapt to change supplies grace and emotional dexterity.

The New Moon in tender Pisces sows seeds of faith that can grow into beautiful creations of love and beauty. Compassion for others and forgiveness for ourselves salves the wounds of alienation and uncertainty and reconnects us with a boundless sea of spirituality in which we all exist.

By far, with love.


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